Sabbath programs will be online only due to the lockdown across Victoria. Join us online on Facebook or YouTube at the usual times. Click on the icons at the bottom of the page. 


Get To Know Us

Adventists believe life is more than just the accumulation of "stuff". It’s about more than just surviving. It means more than simply maximising pleasure and minimising pain. We believe every life is of infinite value. Why? Because every human is miraculously crafted by God who wants us to live life to the full. What's more, He sent His Son to demonstrate true love, forgiveness and grace.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has 28 Fundamental Beliefs that can be organized into six categories of doctrine: God, man, salvation, the church, daily Christian life, and last-day events (restoration).
Read about these beliefs here... 

There are a number of Bible studies options available:
1. The Incredible Journey Bible School offers Bible studies via their webite.
2. The popular "Try Jesus" Bible studies can be accessed here...

Would you like a someone from the Casey Seventh-day Adventist church to study the Bible together with you individuyally, either online or in person? We are happy to do that for free.
To organise a meeting you can visit our church and speak to someone at reception or contact us.